Mobile Games Development on demand

Custom Mobile Games Development (iOS, Android) 

PNN Soft provides the award winning development of cross-platform mobile games and applications for iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android based on the latest technologies, such as Unity3d, Photon and others. Mobile games development at our company is performed in close cooperation with the customer - we consider all suggestions.

Services in Mobile Game Development:

Android Mobile Game Development

iOS (iPhone/iPad) Mobile Game Development
Cross-Platform Development

Our services in the field of Game Development include the full range from the idea assessment up to the release of the finished mobile game at app store:

Evaluation of Your Ideas

 Our experts will help you with the idea of mobile game; advise you the technology, effects, animation and more. In addition, we'll assess the resources required to develop your mobile game, prepare the technical requirements, estimate the costs, timing and milestones.

Planning the Future Game

 Our experts will develop prototypes, diagrams, and sketches for the future mobile game. After that we will discuss it with you and make all the improvements before the design phase.

Mobile Game Development

 Graphics development: game design, concept art, UI design, 2D/3D art and animations, server architecture and multiplayer, characters design and any third-party integrations and more.
 Development of the game: write code game server architecture, network play, to realize the integration of external services
 Music: background music, game sounds
 Game world: videos, texts, game balance, and other content.

Mobile Game Release

 We’ll create graphic advertising materials, icons and help you to publish your app / game on the market - Google Play, AppStore.

Technologies. The whole team work on the game creation: programmers, interface designers, prototype designers, testers. We create mobile games based on the modern technologies such as Unity3d, Photon, NGUI, UGUI, AdMob, Google Play Services, Game Analytics, Flurry.

Benefits of Mobile Games

 Mobile games are one of the most promising areas of business today. The number of smartphone users continues growing; companies are creating new and powerful smartphones specifically for gamers. People play games to kill the time, to earn money and just have fun.
 Game is an effective tool for teaching for both children and adults. Using the game one can kindle the interest of the student, to help learn the material in a simple form of a game. Mobile games is convenient tool for learning and familiarization with new information.
 In addition, mobile games is a promising marketing tool. People are cutting off all annoying ads, and at the same time willing to play in the promotional games, gaining points, bonuses and participate in all sorts of drawings. Our team is ready to implement any your idea of a mobile game.

Mobile Games Development at PNN Soft?

PNN Soft mobile development team are young energetic professionals, we follow the trends in the gaming industry, as well as learn and apply new gaming technologies, which makes us a reliable choice for you. If you need to develop mobile games on demand, we are your choice!

You will get:
 Quality - a team of specialists with experience in the gaming industry for over 10 years.
 Qualification - we know exactly what technology and development tools are the most suitable for the development of mobile games, and the evidence for it is our successful projects implemented.
 Delivery on term - we take care of all the organizational issues while development and choosing the best methodologies for the project management (including Agile, SCRUM).
 Financial cost-effective solutions - we will do our best to reduce your costs on the game development by rational decision-making, planning and organizing work mechanisms.
 Transparent development process in close collaboration with the customer. At each stage of game development, we document and report on the results to the customer. All the works are implemented according to the previously agreed schedule.
 Creative solutions - our young team of artists, designers, together with the experienced programmers make your game exactly as you imagine it!

You can review our portfolio of mobile games development, as well as to contact us for more information on the service.

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