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Mobile App Design Services

PNN Soft designers are skilled in delivering platforms with convenient and transparent navigation. Our experts create responsive UX wireframes and UI mockups with your client's needs in mind. PNN Soft services include online store solutions, mobile apps for banking, web/mobile healthcare portals, business, etc.

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Our mobile UI development services include:

Research and analysis

PNN Soft company considers mapping out requirements and researching current market tendencies indispensable parts of mobile app design. Therefore, we aim to achieve in-depth industry knowledge to meet client and end-user expectations.

UX design

The primary criterium for UX implies simplicity of user experience alongside comprehensive functionality fully compatible with smartphones. PNN Soft experts also accentuate enhancing interactivity by implementing call-to-actions, gamification or funnels. We emphasise diligent and constant usability testing during Agile iterations.

UI design

UI designers aim to create visuals according to the current brand image. Thus, experts follow the brand aesthetics while implementing graphic style and selecting fonts and colour schemes. Yet, if you are determined to update the digital product visuals and obtain a higher level of brand awareness, we will happily reinvent your image in line with customer feedback.

We have 20+ years of experience in app UI design, so we do not doubt the knowledge we have acquired along the way. However, we always listen to end-users' opinions and are open to suggestions. We provide mobile apps with continuous UI/UX updates based on feedback.

Tools that we use

Whether you are determined to create UI/UX designs for native or cross-platform solutions, we possess all the necessary skills to develop high-quality for:

  • iOS and Android using Ionic
  • Flutter
  • Cordova
  • Xamarin

Our mobile design company creates innovative yet elegant designs

Our designers' team works in tandem with skilled software engineers. Since the mobile design process is closely intertwined with mobile development, we focus on enhancing cross-team interaction and constantly seek new communication tools to make collaboration more coherent.

We utilise Agile and Scrum methodologies to ease design and development processes. Therefore, we obtain more flexibility and confidence: our team promptly solves shortcomings and modifies UI/UX. PNN Soft experts work on achieving the desired results in the shortest timeframes possible.

Our design solutions ensure high conversion and easy implementation. If you need a reliable partner in mobile app development, send us a request for cooperation. Our experts will contact you for the project scope evaluation. PNN Soft designers will then provide you with the first UX wireframe samples.