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Mobile eCommerce App Development

PNN Soft has provided development services for businesses for more than 20 years. E-commerce app development raises conversions, boosts loyalty, and strengthens your brand. E-commerce apps are now utilized by all types of businesses.

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Reliable mobile commerce solutions from PNN Soft

We provide a development team to implement modern mobile e-commerce solutions in your business. The development of eCommerce apps is essential for achieving higher mobile conversion rates, facilitating pre-purchase research, and enhancing customer satisfaction. Our experts conduct a thorough and step-by-step analysis of your project and evaluate requirements to create a cost-effective and progressive product. PNN Soft provides services in mobile commerce for different business approaches. We have implemented dozens of projects in this area, and we are ready to provide custom development services for you.

PNN Soft develops mobile e-commerce products. We accompany our clients from concept creation to launch and technical support. The mobile app for the online store will help get your business to the next level. In addition, this is a great opportunity to expand the audience and get new ways to develop and scale the business.

Mobile commerce application development

We build an e-commerce app with advanced features for customer, admin, and vendor panels. PNN SOft integrates features to enhance your app's value for buyers' loyalty. Our dedicated teams of specialists consider all features of your business and trends in mobile commerce. Developers and designers implement solutions aimed at the usability of the application and the strategic placement of the application objects. Due to our careful approach in development and communication with our customers, we strive to create an application that will promote quick sales.

Panel for the customer

We provide quick and variable login. We introduce payment systems and integrate solutions to simplify user interaction with the application.

Panel for the admin

We are ready to implement existing CRM and create them from scratch. Our solutions are aimed at automation and convenience of management of stocks, products, users, and documents.

Panel for the vendor

For efficient order request management, use the trading platform software for e-commerce with multiple suppliers and get a simple but powerful supplier panel.

Build an e-commerce app with PNN Soft

Our mobile commerce application development services include:

  • Business analysis and consulting
  • Technical support and detailed application concept
  • iOS and Android, web app development
  • Intuitive UX and UI design
  • Systems implementation
  • Integration of
  • Testing of the product
  • Technical support after product launch

What are the advantages of a mobile application for e-commerce?

Raising Sales Growth

The conversion rate in mobile apps is significantly higher than the conversion rate when buying on the site. When creating new mobile applications, the user experience comes to the fore. Thanks to a mobile application, your customers will be able to use your loyalty programs, discount offers and promotions actively.

Improved communication

Mobile solutions have improved the way users interact with brands, receive information, and make purchases. Receive reviews about the work of your institution, service, staff, and the quality of goods and services. Mobile e-commerce is the tool for being closer to customers.

Control of sales indicators

Mobile applications allow you to set up e-commerce tracking and collect information about all purchased goods. You can define who is your target audience.

Competitive advantage

There is high competition among online stores. Investing in a custom commerce app development will help tip the scales in your favour and attract buyers.

Contactless payments

Payment applications provide ease, speed, and security of payment for goods and services.

A reliable mobile app development company

Hire dedicated development teams to create eCommerce apps for your business needs. We are well-qualified in the issue of mobile commerce trends and requirements. We provide full e-commerce solution conceptualization. If you want to update your mobile commerce solution or create a new one, fill out the form below.