Banking System for Budget Requests Approval with Operational Control of Funds Application based on IBM and Oracle Products

Project Description

Automated system provides the coordination of budget requests with the possibility of operational adjustments, operational control of the funds usage within the available limits. Besides the system is aimed to forecast and plan-fact analysis, creation of payment documents due to the integration of financial and operational planning processes. The solution is implemented as a business process run by IBM WebSphere Process Server and integrated into the Bank's internal portal run by IBM WebSphere Portal Server. Implementing the project PNN Company has integrated with the Bank financial planning application Oracle Hyperion Planning.

Automated system along with Oracle Hyperion Planning provides budget planning with the possibility of operational adjustments, operational control over the funds expenses within the available limits; forecasting and plan-fact analysis; preparation of the payment documents through the integration of financial and operational planning processes.


PNN Company has developed and implemented following:

  • Automated budget performance monitoring system within the approved plan (administrative and management costs and capital investments) at financial responsibility centers (structural units of the Bank) of multidivisional Bank;

  • Digital signature tool (DSTU), which provides a reliable confirmation of the authenticity of an electronic document request to funds application.

System implementation advantages:

  • The term of request agreement and payment accomplishment using paper or Excel file for preliminary control is reduced from 3-5 days to a few hours after the introduction of the system.

  • Optimization of the stuff involved in internal support of departments and in the financial control of the budget funds spending became possible.

  • Planned Bank costs exceeding caused by the lack of effective control is now impossible.

The automated budget performance monitoring system provides:  

  • User authorization and system access rights control based on the AD directory of the Bank;

  • Creating and upgrading of the applications for the budget fulfillment by Bank's departments with the integration of the planning application Oracle Hyperion Planning;

  • Integration with the automated Bank system B2 within the list of suppliers and employees, which appear in applications;

  • Integration with IBM Lotus Notes applications for the documents creating that accompany requests for the budget funds expenditure; user system alerts about the changes in the request’s status;

  • Coordination and approval using digital signature by the Bank senior officials in accordance to internal Bank polices;

  • Budget reserves formation and control over the available limits. The process provides a centralized control over the funds expenditure;

  • Automatic generation of the internal deals with the parameters of management accounts and transactions in an automated Banking system to make payments by the Bank departments;

  • Collecting and storing of the actual budget expenditures results and plan/fact analysis;

  • Formed reserves, paid accounts and allocation of actual costs reports creation.

Technical features:

  • Server Platform: IBM Process Server 7.0, IBM WebSphere Portal Server 7.0, Linux Red Hat Enterprise 5

  • Target browsers: IE 8.0 and Google Chrome.

  • GUI framework: JSP, JSF, Java portlets,

  • Databases: Oracle SQL Server

  • Data Access: JDBC, DB Link, Hyperion Java API

Business logic features:

  • Business logic to work with the internal and external information sources implemented through Web Services, published on the Bank ESB

  • Support Group for the Business Process Choreographer application to provide immediate management of the requests approval

  • Custom reports are built using the system based on the Jasper Engine.

Management and resources:

  • Time line: 3 phases: a pilot stage in the head office (3 months), experimental and industrial exploitation of the network (3 months), commercial exploitation (3 months). Total - 9 months.

  •  Resources: project manager, senior analyst, team of developers, analyst of ABS B2 (a system of Banking day), software testers.

  • Technologies: planning for MS Project 2007, keeping the source code and documentation SVNB (Tortoise SVN client). The development environment IBM WebSphere Integration Developer V7.0, SQL Navigator 6.4 as a development environment schemes and packet data PL SQl procedures.

  • Training technology: IMB Lotus Central Assemblies. 


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