Corporate Reporting Bank System for Printed Forms Building using Jasper Technology

Project Description

Document reporting system based on Jasper technology and iReport design application. Software package allows the use of data coming from different sources, and produce documents with perfect pixel resolution, designed for viewing and printing, as well as exporting to many formats. Due to iReport, PNN reposting services offer very complex layouts containing charts, images, sub-reports, crosstabs.


  • Web-based application with online access via browser

  • Wide range of opportunities to create reports with perfect pixel resolution

  • Unlimited report sizes

  • Report outputs for web and print in PDF, XML, HTML, CSV, XLS, RTF, TXT

  • Sub-reports creation

  • Integrated barcode support

  • Style library, hypertext links, including support for PDF bookmarks and many other formatting options for a text;

  • Multiple data sources of numerous types per a report

Technical features:

  • Target platform:       Windows, Linux

  • Programming languages:    Java

  • Data access: JDBC, TableModels, XML, Hibernate and CSV 

  • Application servers: Tomcat; IBM Web Sphere; GlassFish; JBoss

  • Database: Oracle, MS SQL Server, as well as custom data sources.

Managements and resources:

  • Time line: 2 months

  • Resources: project manager, team of developers and testers 

  • Development methodology: adopted RUP 


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