Reporting Services Using Jasper Engine


PNN Soft develops highly effective and multifunctional client-tailored reporting custom software development based on state-of-art technologies including the most popular source-reporting engine Jasper and reporting designer for it iReport.

Therefore, PNN Soft reporting services allow you to use data from any kind of data sources and pixel-perfect documents that can be viewed, printed and exported in a variety of document formats. 

Using Jasper Reports engine, PNN Soft reporting services extend reporting capabilities and functional features for maximally easy and proficient data and report maintenance.

Thus, PNN Soft solutions provide:

  • web-based and pixel perfect reports;
  • unlimited report sizes;
  • report outputs for web and print in PDF, XML, HTML, CSV, XLS, RTF, TXT;
  • highly complex layouts simply handled by sub-reports;
  • integrated barcode support;
  • style library, hypertext links, including support for PDF bookmarks and many other formatting options for a text;
  • multiple data sources of numerous types per a report.

Due to iReport, PNN Soft reposting services offer very complex layouts containing charts, images, sub-reports, crosstabs and the access to the data through JDBC, TableModels, XML, Hibernate and CSV, or customer services.

This reporting service is developed with Java technology and runs on Windows and Linux platforms. The service can be hosted on the following application servers: Tomcat; IBM Web Sphere; GlassFish; JBoss. Flexible mechanism for report generating on the side of server, can request in dynamic reports with different parameters and even different types of output. The sources of the report service database can be relational databases such as: Oracle, MS SQL Server, as well as custom data sources.

PNN Soft reporting services will make your report execution, document export and visualization extremely easy and highly effectual.  


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