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Services for the integration of transfers, ABS and bank card

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Project Description

The system provides common access to different payment systems and provides a single interface to work with these systems. The unified interface allows money taking, its transfer and further pay-off of funds.


During this project, PNN Company has implemented the following tasks:

1. Integration of automated system with 7 international payment systems, such as:

2. System integration with the automated banking system B2, designed for complex automation of banking and allowing to automate a wide range of business processes and financial instruments of the bank.

3. Integration with the database eFOUR, a single client database, centrally maintaining the data on all bank customers.

As a result of the automated system implementation, payment processing performance was effectively optimized, i.e. before system implementation, the manager had to work with several different applications (Efour, a web-based application of the money transfer system and ABS B2), but with the system introduction only one application is needed to perform all these actions. This allowed reduced terms of payment transfer and cash outlay greatly.

Technical Implementation:

Business logic:

Management and resources 

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