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IBM Integration Bus for telecommunication company

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Project Description

The aim of the project performed by our programmers for the telecommunication company was to optimize the customer support system: to maintain its scalability and improve performance in order to satisfy the increased flow of users. In this case, the customer decided to implement the integration with IBM Integration Bus V9.0.

During the project implementation, our specialists have implemented the migration of the app’s front-end to the IBM Integration Bus V9.0 and its integration with the system back-end, which is implemented based on .Net technology.

The IBM Integration Bus family (former IBM WebSphere Message Broker) provides components for the universal base of integration on the basis of Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) technology. Various embodiments allow the connection and implementation of the transformation in heterogeneous IT environments in companies of any size and in any industry. It works for a wide range of platforms.


The use of IBM Integration Bus allowed our specialists to solve the following problems of the customer:

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