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Software Integration with International Money Transfer Systems

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PNN Soft company implements projects of the money transfer business processes automation, including software integration with international money transfer systems.

The payment system is a service for payment, accepting payments online, money transfers etc. Different payment systems offer a variety of web applications, an interfaces for integration (interaction). Often these interfaces differ dramatically. 

Our specialists have experience in creating systems that provide single access to a variety of payment systems, with a common interface to work with these systems: to accept payments, payments transfer and cash disbursement. 

During projects implementation, our specialists have been integrating with both international: Moneygram, RIA Financial Services (RIA Money Transfer), etc. and a lot of Russian money transfer systems, like Unistream, Blizko, Lider, ANELIK, Zolotaya Korona, Bystraya Pochta, etc.

Additionally, PNN Soft company offers software development services using Java, .Net, PL/SQL technologies, as well as using IBM, Oracle, Microsoft products for a wide range of server systems development.