Market Support: Complex Back-end App for Reliable Solutions


PNN Soft dedicated development team represented by the Project manager, Developers, QA engineers realized marketing back-end application with .NET technology implementation.

Project Description

Market back-end is a multi-tenant application where the tenant is a market in context of the project. Single web application handles requests for every supported market by providing market dependent data in run-time. Each market has a dedicated database to store-market-dependent data. Each market has dedicated file storage to store market-dependent data.

The data management section of the market back-end allows managing master data (touchpoints, respondents, operators, devices) within the context of a particular tool. Every tool available for a market provides the same data management capabilities.


  • Expose several services endpoints allowing a tool to communicate with the back-end;
  • Provides web interface allowing back-end user to manage tool-related data and control several aspects of the tool behavior (through the configurations).
  • Provides web interface allowing back-end user to generate comprehensive reports over collected data.
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