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IT Consulting services

PNN Soft offers information technology consulting and project expertise services to our customers including recommendations on technologies, architecture, tools and products required for the implementation. 

The service covers pre-development phases and includes:

 Software Specification Estimation
 Business Processes and Available Solutions Analysis
 Expert evaluation and Recommendations on Project Technologies
 Project Planning

We provide services to customer business process analysis and software specifications preparation to provide the efficient solution. Also, it could be proposed to analyze and give expert recommendations on requirements specifications, software design documentation and implemented a system.

Looking back to our experience we suppose that success of the software project largely depends on the well-planned software specifications and project plan.

Software specifications or software requirements is the main document to implement software development process. It comprises main technical requirements to the future software product as well as additional information on the project.

Software specifications include:

 System business requirements
 Project plan, terms, and conditions of software product implementation
 System technical requirements
 System architecture

Our business-analysis services include:

 Detailed negotiations with the customer and defining system assignment
 Software specifications preparation
 Business-analysis can be provided as a part of software development process as well as independent service

Terms and conditions of software specifications designing depend on the project scope and the specifics of the future IT system. We always negotiate every aspect of the project individually with each client.

Please, contact us for detailed information or to request a quote.

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