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Back-End Development Services

Our internal development team provides efficient and secure solutions tailored to the needs of each client. PNN Soft builds custom back-end software for a variety of businesses and industries.

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PNN Soft Back-End development company provides

Hire experts well-versed in writing complex functional protocols, creating complex libraries, and developing other deep components. Developers provide a consistent relationship between the architecture and a specific operating structure to improve performance. In addition to the full development cycle, the company provides consulting and evaluation services for existing systems. An audit allows us to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the system, its potential for expansion and load. As a result of our cooperation, we will offer solutions and technologies that will improve your backend system.

Back-end development includes building scalable, fault-tolerant back-ends for enterprise systems, complex web applications, IoT infrastructure, VoIP solutions, web portals, etc. We offer a full development cycle using the latest technologies and security protocols.

How to organize a back-end development project

PNN Soft is ready to implement solutions from scratch or level up solutions you already have. We follow the way from the discovery of your needs to deployment & integration. Hire a dedicated development team in frames of our sourcing models: in-house, team augmentation, partial outsourcing, and full outsourcing.


Oracle, SQL Server, AWS, Redis, PostgreSQL, etc.


Azure, Amazon web service, ASP.NET Core, etc.


Express.js, Ruby on Rails, Node, etc.


Python, Java, PHP, etc.

Expandable backend solutions with PNN Soft

To create an efficient backend, we constantly stay in touch with our clients and use modern recourses to develop the best environment for your business. Back-end programming with PNN Soft is the way to reduce technology costs and improve code. We provide both consulting and back-end development services with all project documentation. For instance, specification, schedule, testing plan, etc.

Define Back-End functional scope

Build architecture and decomposition

Assist with tech issues: programming language, a framework, a database type

Consult according to the cloud services provider

Create a long-term back-end evolution plan

Ensure data protection both in transit and at-rest

PNN Soft is a reliable Backend developer

PNN Soft has decades of experience in development. We create back-end solutions for enterprises, businesses, and startups. Our approach is based on achieving the perfect balance to meet end-user expectations and benefit your business. If you want to strengthen your application landscape with better server solutions, fill in the form below.