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CRM Сonsulting services

At PNN Soft, we handle every CRM aspect attentively: from migration to optimising and consolidation. Our experts consult companies on mapping out future CRM software under customer management strategy.

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PNN Soft experts provide companies with comprehensive CRM consultancy

CRM consultants bring a wealth of knowledge, industry best practices, and technical proficiency to the table. The solution is robust customer analytics, enhanced communication tools and workflow automation. The aforementioned benefits result in increased sales and improved customer retention. We collaborate with businesses to understand their unique challenges, objectives, and processes. By assessing these factors, consultants recommend the most suitable CRM solution.

CRM selection

Our developers' team strives to envision the system you need as detailed as it is possible. We closely examine the current tendencies of the CRM software market to offer you the most suitable options.

CRM implementation consulting

Our primary task here is to identify key tasks to perform within your platform and correspondingly build up functionality, which allows you to address all concerns. We also analyse possible ways of utilising multi-faceted data sets for deriving insights into clients' behaviour.

Custom CRM consulting

In line with your business needs, we agree upon the most efficient solution for your company. We thoroughly plan its functional modules to use them as cornerstones of your future system.

CRM migration consulting

If you aim at migrating safely to a more reliable system embedded with a broader functional set, we can help mitigate risks related to digital transformation. PNN Soft is responsible for migration and strives for zero risk of data loss and other migration disruptions.

CRM improvement consulting

Customer relationship management consultant allows companies to unleash the hidden capabilities of CRM systems and advise how they can be used most productively. Another significant focus implies prioritising upcoming changes.

CRM consolidation consulting

PNN Soft CRM experts are skilled in helping out with moving from several siloed CRM systems to one single platform. That is what enables businesses to unify CRM processes across all departments and stakeholders.

CRM consultant services are grounded in three components:

Operational component

Setting up reminders, automating monotonous processes and creating templates for optimising communication inevitably leads to improving customer service with less effort.

Collaborative component

As a single space for customer data, CRM has the potential to be actively used by various company departments. We provide the system with simple chat forms and activity feeds to let teams share ideas and discuss deals.

Analytical component

Our plan is to facilitate drawing insights from data, not just leave you with row massive of it. We focus on applying real-time performance analytics, predictive modelling and customer segmentation rules in this regard.

CRM software consultant services should be delivered with the industry context in mind

At PNN Soft, we emphasise strengthening the security of data and a reliable Data Loss Prevention (DLP) strategy development. It is also significant to ensure full compliance with current industry regulations. We apply data encryption, security event logging and proper access control. We develop a multi-layered data security strategy depending on the functions set of a particular CRM platform.

To empower your customer relationship management system, we propose using a range of web analytical tools for collecting existing and potential clients' data. We implement various touchpoints, helpful for gaining insights into customer preferences and behavioural patterns. Proceed with your digital transformation with the PNN Soft team! Fill in the form below.