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SaaS Development

SaaS application development company PNN Soft delivers cover design, deployment, implementation, maintenance of multi-tenancy apps, and IT consulting. PNN Soft helps to choose the best SaaS application development practices and to stay equally focused on your business growth. Get optimal SaaS platform solutions include easy-to-deploy data integration.

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SaaS services by PNN Soft

Since 2000, we have been implementing high-quality cloud solutions and revamping, delivering and supporting of cloud solutions. Software as a Service is a tool to level up your enterprise's workflow. In 2022, 70% of enterprises and companies had already invested in SaaS app development, whereas 20-40% achieved faster time-to-market.

Saving time and money is a benefit of using the SaaS application development platform. There is no need to create infrastructure, configure security configurations, or create design components and services from scratch. Everything is available from the box.


PNN Soft consultants assist companies in turning ideas into a particular product concept.

UX and UI design

We analyse market and trends to gain insights on how to enhance the UI and UX, making them more intuitively understandable and responsive.

SaaS application development

In the SaaS deployment model, applications are remotely hosted by the provider and made available to customers on demand over the Internet. We create model-driven development of business logic.

Database integration

We help our clients to integrate required data in the SaaS platform with their on-premises back-end systems and databases. Specialists will ensure proper coordination and synchronization of data between servers.

API development

If you need to optimise or simplify workflow or broaden the functionality of your cloud-based solution, we can help with implementing reliable and scalable APIs to your SaaS platform.

QA and testing

Our primary goal implies ensuring data integrity in your SaaS and high test coverage.

SaaS evolution

We stay abreast with new technologies, which allows PNN Soft to empower SaaS IT services with AR/VR instruments, AR, chatbots, VoIP and video streaming and other on-demand features.

Support and maintenance

The capacity to expand and scale to thousands, and sometimes millions, of users and billions of transactions is also necessary for SaaS. The PNN Soft team provides enhancement services for SaaS.

We have extensive experience in Horizontal and Vertical SaaS development

A horizontal SaaS platform development includes easy scaling or bundling up applications. As a result, companies can expand services and implement diverse SaaS categories within a single platform. For a niche or specific industry, such as trade, insurance or an underserved sphere, businesses may take advantage of vertical SaaS architecture. The model, therefore, concentrates on meeting particular needs and addressing pinpoints of the given industry or firm.

Which solutions can be built based on the SaaS product development services?

CRM systems for:
  • collating and storing customer data and protecting it by using security protocols
  • utilising data for enhancing customer relationships and clients segmentation
  • automating repetitive tasks, predicting sales tendencies
HR systems for:
  • supporting employees and candidates during recruitment and training
  • structuring onboarding process
  • managing work schedules (sick leaves, holidays, etc.)
  • collaborative culture development
CMS systems for:
  • creating, modifying and managing content without coding experience
  • adding products/services, and tracing changes in customer behaviour
  • promoting new products/services
Accounting/Billing services for:
  • keeping track of transactions, cash flow, budgets
  • saving time on reconciling financial errors, payroll, data entry

Among the other kinds of web/desktop/mobile platforms, we can also mention Customer Experience, Communication, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Marketing/Email, Product Management, etc. If you are interested in collaborating with a SaaS development company, feel free to contact us by filling out the form below.