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Data Analytics Consulting Service

PNN Soft acts as an IT consulting centre, developing and supporting digital business solutions. Our specialists are highly qualified in Data Science. We offer analytics consulting services. Our path of cooperation begins the moment you have left the request, which will be considered by the customer relations managers.

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PNN Soft knowledge and Services

Selected experts will study the needs of your business and will evaluate the technical infrastructure. They will identify strengths and weaknesses for deploying or upgrading the data system. After providing consulting services, we are ready to expand the team of developers who will start implementing the best solution for your business.
We assist companies of any size and level in managing and organizing data. Our goal is to unlock the intellectual capabilities of the customer's firm to surpass competitors in the market. Hired development teams use advanced data management techniques. Our analytical consultancy covers the following:

  • Study of flexible enterprise analytics systems
  • Data strategy formation and management
  • Construction of Data Science based on enterprise
  • Data Conversion and Data Analytics Upgrade

PNN Soft has provided services for over 20 years and continues to grow and develop. We have created solutions that optimize the working processes of our partners' enterprises. In our portfolio, you can learn about Data Science solutions in each industry we worked. We execute Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning projects, and integrate models into the companies' workflows. Our developers design and create custom information panels and reports for data-based decision-making.

Partner in Data Science. Every step with an expert for your business

We collect insights from industries of customers' activity. PNN Soft scrutinizes every case to get the system up and running and eliminate technical data problems. Investment in advanced analytics consulting will boost your business. The project manager and technical specialist of PNN Soft evaluate the existing infrastructure and provide advice to the requested services of the company.

  • Implementation of data platform, analytics database, AI/ML workloads, Business intelligence products.
  • Engineers will perform data modelling and organise flexible data architecture migration.

We use our experience to provide sophisticated methods that go beyond traditional data analysis. Our consulting services will help you create sensible business operations and get a clear idea of your position in the niche. A measured approach to data management is the way to get back to the global market.

Digitalization is the way to optimize

This service is extensive and includes numerous technical components, which customers often have difficulty navigating. PNN Soft helps you choose a repository and cloud platform, explores how to expand and optimize your data processing. Our goal is to provide a productive stack of digital information processing. Scalability and flexibility of this direction are the way for the company to organize successful marketing activities. Sell the right product to the right customers at the right time by analysing price data, occupancy, seasonal trends and local events.

Due to the well-adjusted approach to working with data, the business effectively collects valuable information about the processes of implementation and personalisation of produced products. It is the date of the opportunity for the customer’s employees to personalise the client's service and ensure effective chain management.

Reduce risks and reach your maximum with data analytics consulting company PNN Soft

We provide companies across the globe with data analytic services and consulting to design and implement solutions for data-driven decision-making. You can request additional information by filling out the form below. Please describe all of your needs and purposes, as well as the type of consulting you are looking for.

We can assist you with the information technology transformation.