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Development and implementing of portal solution based on IBM WebSphere Portal 7.0

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PNN Soft has developed a corporate portal solution based on IBM WebSphere Portal 7.0 as a single entry interface for inner corporate systems and user workplace of various systems. The corporate portal is a web application where users can work using web browsers. Various back-office systems are integrated within a single portal.

These systems are credit systems, payment systems, electronic archives and other financial systems. This IT-solution is designed for cluster hardware that provides fault tolerance and scalability of the system. The portal integrates with the enterprise business processes that are running by IBM WebSphere Process Server 7.0.

The portal supports integration with corporate Web services on the basis of the IBM WebSphere ESB. PNN Soft company specializes on IBM WebSphere line solutions as well as software developed with J2EE technology.

Please contact us if your company has a need for development and implementing portal solutions for automation. Corporate solutions are our specialty.