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Meet the new solution from the PNN Soft company – ClubKit

clubkit app logo

PNN Soft created ClubKit – a mobile application for Android and iOS. The app is designed to help primary mobile users to create, manage and grow business on the go via smartphone. Use ClubKit to create independent mobile solutions for low-cost and medium size businesses.

ClubKit – no code app builder for Android and iOS

The app has two registration options: for customers and business owners/content makers. Customers are those who use the app for free to follow spaces (business) and consume offered products and services.

Businesses are entrepreneurs, companies, influencers, and amateurs who use ClubKit to create spaces and place offers under the app’s subscription circumstance. ClubKit provides “business users” with 3 types of subscription: The Starter (free), Basic for $4.99 per month, and Plus for $7.99 per month.

ClubKit – an app builder for influencers and business owners 

The app enables business leaders or influencers to create product or service pages without design or coding skills. You may also upload promotional videos or add content from YouTube.

The app also enables the creation of news and articles. Business owners may expand their professional topics, tell their stories of growth, or dwell on product composition via articles. News block helps businesses and thematic communities to maintain close offline connections: for instance, announce workshops, info sessions or lectures. 

“Events” is one of the feed’s features that allows businesses to announce events. Make followers familiar with activities that you propose to visit or to take part in lectures, meetings, summits, mentoring, courses, etc. ClubKit is a highly adaptive business solution for everyone.

Create in a few clicks: eCommerce solution or online store in a mobile app

The creation of such a complex product as an online store is a costly line of expenses for the entrepreneur. Today, however, even a challenge such as a custom mobile application has become more accessible. ClubKit offers to create your digital display case based on the app’s resources and widgets.

Create product or service cards and their page with detailed information about your offer. Space owners may use a set of widgets, create product cards and add unlimited images to the pages. Companies can mark products or services with special status, for instance, “on-sale”, “new”, “on-demand” or “pre-order” for better promotion. However, there are some limits according to the owned subscription type.

Space owners can pretend their spaces as public or private. In the first case, all ClubKit users can see it, and only customers can subscribe to it. The private space is hidden, customers should have an invitation link or scan QR codes to send their subscription requests. The owner generates the invitation in space settings.

You can read more about ClubKit design – in App of the Day.
Try ClubKit app for free for 7 days (when purchasing a monthly tariff plan) or 14 days (when paying for an annual subscription), please, follow the links below: 

Google Play

App Store