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App development for Wearable Devices in 2022. What solutions are available in the Market?

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Global mobilization stimulates the growth of the mobile development industry. Wearable tech began in the 1950s, very different from today’s recognisable devices. The technology found its groove in the 2000s with the introduction of Bluetooth headsets, the Nike iPod, Fitbits, and many more. Wearable technology began to gain momentum starting in 2013 when the Apple Watch and Google Glass appeared. The wearable technology market is steadily progressing, regularly introducing new features. In such a dynamic and new technological environment, developers create new IT solutions for users. Companies that develop applications for iOS and Android for wearable devices successfully define guidelines for Internet of Things technology and take it to a new level. Wearable Devices are gaining popularity among users around the world. The popularization of app development for wearable devices directs businesses to consider the development path for scaling and competitiveness. 

Wearable devices: and what is it?

Wearable technology is any wearable electronic device designed for everyday use. Such devices can be presented on the market in various forms. For example, smartwatches, smart glasses, jewellery, meters or clothing items. Today they are used for: 

App development for Wearable Devices | PNN Soft

The benefits of using wearable devices

The last example relates to a group of wearable medical devices. It should be noted that it is of particular importance in medicine. They are designed for the majority of the population and allow you to monitor the state of the body and support its work. The devices collect data and allow you to predict and confirm the diagnosis. Now they vary from simple heart rate monitors and glucose meters to devices that allow you to take ECG readings for several days. 

Upgraded consumer electronics

Modern wearable devices are designed for everyday use. Wearable application development services were able to synchronize electronic devices at home with the daily activities of the client. The way consumer electronics are important today.

Research, innovation, and production

Wearable technologies can provide companies with several opportunities in the context of market research. In the future, researchers will be able to use data from consumers’ devices in real-time to track and study behaviour. Therefore companies develop alternative and customized solutions for different customers. Today, researchers collect information using GPS-based wearable devices. They can use this data in the distribution and placement of outdoor advertising and the distribution of the areas of shops and shopping centres.


Current and future main features of wearable devices

Currently, there are several product categories on the market. Let’s get the main ones out: 

Today, it is the most popular product in the portable electronics market. Smartwatches are controlled by mobile operating systems and have advanced functionality. They can receive phone calls, SMS messages, and e-mails. Also, smartwatches can support third-party applications that are rapidly expanding. Currently, several standalone smartwatches are available that do not need to pair with a smartphone. Recent innovations have greatly improved and refined user interaction and user experience UX.

Smart Glasses offer a unique, completely different experience from all hand-worn smart devices. Smart Glasses can use navigation to track the location and provide the user with information. For instance, info about the optimal route, record videos, take photos and search by voice queries. Smart glasses can be used in a variety of situations, from ordinary consumer applications to high-tech and industrial tasks. An excellent example is the repair of equipment. A technician could see the equipment through smart glasses and an augmented reality (AR) application.

A fitness tracker is a gadget that fits your hand and has built-in sensors. They can track activity throughout the day, including several steps, pulse, sleep, calories burned, etc. It also performs helpful and convenient functions, such as notifying about calls and messages and reminding about the activity. The first models of such devices were intended mainly for pulse measurement. Later, the functions of counting steps and calories consumed were added. But progress does not stand still, and modern fitness bracelets can perform almost the same functions as smartwatches.

Wearable App Development

This wearable device provides an excellent opportunity to see the progress of modern technologies. Virtual Reality headsets can truly provide an immersive experience for the user. One of these areas is simulation training. Employers can use virtual reality headsets and simulate virtual tasks. This helps to reduce costs and get effective feedback on performance. 

Innovative technologies and developments allow you to make everything smart, including clothes. It is capable of performing many useful functions. Intelligent clothing is a type of clothing in which electronic elements (microcomputers and various sensors) are embedded. As a rule, they are controlled using a smartphone. Users can wear such unique clothes as ordinary everyday ones. 

A Look at the Future of wearables devices in the technology sector

Wearable apps influence the future of mobile apps. Opening up a completely non-existent market segment, wearable apps continue to evolve. The demand for special mobile applications for these smart gadgets is growing rapidly. Wearable apps that use a creative approach are expected to perform unique and relevant functions. Mobile apps have had many improvements since the advent of wearable technology. Applications for wearable devices have some differences. They differ in their: 

Mobile apps are becoming more convenient for full interaction with wearable devices. New-generation mobile applications for wearable devices allow you to use them in real-time. These features of wearable applications can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of work. In general, applications for wearable devices have all the resources. But, their development does not stop stopping, introducing new opportunities for users.  

PNN Soft is a developer company that provides custom software development services. Having many years of experience in the IT market, we have already created the author’s application Sport Gear Tracker, which is relevant to this day. This is an up-to-date solution for body condition monitoring.  The app tracks, records and analyzes your body’s performance during a workout. Sport Gear Tracker helps you train, track your heartbeat, calories, and count time. We are ready and able to provide you with services for the development of applications for wearable technologies, which will be relevant not only today but also in the future. Fill out the form below, and we will definitely contact you.