What you should know about Fintech trends and opportunities


Over the past few years, there has been a progressive increase in investment in the Fintech industry. Finance management software is already essential for a wide range of services.  

  • microfinance;
  • blockchain;
  • payments;
  • personal finance;
  • digital banking;
  • insurance, and money management;
  • capital markets;
  • money transfers, and mortgages.

Fintech encompasses a set of complementary technologies to improve financial performance. The use of smartphones for mobile banking is an example of technology aimed at making financial services more accessible. Previously, financial system software solutions were exclusively an internal development of specified organizations. But, now the technology has gained trust in the consumer. Specialized digital banking enterprises serve certain sectors and demographic groups. At the same time, fintech not only improves the diversity and efficiency of services but also increases financial inclusion. 

The answer to the question: what is Fintech?

Financial technology is the provision of financial services and services using modern technologies. It promotes the fusion of finance and modern technologies that helps companies manage the financial aspects of the business.

Financial system software solutions include software and app development with processes and business models implementation.

The main role of fintech is the development of financial integration in the modern technology market. IT companies realise new solutions to leverage the efficiency of the customer's businesses. Such integrations are usually aimed at improving and automating the use and provision of financial services to others. As a rule, they offer technological solutions for various business circumstances.

What are the main areas of application of Fintech technologies?

  • Lending and Personal Finance;
  • Crowdfunding and Business financing;
  • Payments and Retail Transactions;
  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrency;
  • Digital Banking;
  • Banking as a BaaS Service.

Fintech experts use tools to help consumers and companies manage their financial transactions more efficiently. Therefore, it can be said that the progressive application of fintech technology overshadows the traditional financial and banking industries. 

Let's discuss trends in financial technologies. 

Expansion of functionality

Today, users are more demanding. They prefer customization and a variety of features. Modern development motivates developers of banking applications to expand their functionality, introduce new technologies, etc. For example, this includes insurance, investments, digital credit cards, and other areas. Applications for the bank are developing new features to increase the user experience.

Improving knowledge in the field of financial technologies

People use digital banking services, so the demand growth.
Developers are learning to navigate and learn new technologies and methods of digital transformation of the banking sector. Thus, they become aware of the financial instruments available to them. Also, they gain fresh knowledge in the field of financial planning and investment.

Business process automation

Business requires a competent management process and solutions for regular complex operations. Their automation is becoming another significant fintech trend. 
The development of online banking will provide an opportunity for customers to use the function when they need it. For example, transaction notifications, electronic receipts, and invoices. Apps will become a priority solution for managing or obtaining legal banking services on request. It will free you from routine and allow the user to concentrate on important tasks.

Safety and reliability

Security today is an integral part of processing digital transactions through banks. Modern banks use biometric verification, encryption technology, and various other security measures to protect customer data. 

Blockchain Technologies

Blockchain technology appeared not so long ago but is already rapidly gaining popularity. Blockchain is a technology for decentralized storage and distributed recording of transactions. It can have different configurations depending on the application. It helps in: 

  • data protection;
  • identity identification;
  • verification of companies;
  • registration of transactions;
  • investments;
  • risk management;
  • signing contracts.

This frequency of use is due to the safety and reliability of the technology.

Expanding horizons for partnership and interactions

The growth in the number of partnership agreements among fintech companies is one of the leading trends. Initially, fintech companies were focused on one market segment. But, now, the interaction of partnerships of companies can provide customers with more products and services. 

Financial technologies provide comprehensive development and process reliability. The development of financial technologies portends the growth of financial literacy and well-being. It will also make many businesses more successful and allow them to manage their funds securely. The industry is inextricably linked to online and technical processes. Therefore, it uses the latest technologies, such as blockchain and artificial intelligence, to create profitable financial solutions. 

What are the main goals of financial technologies?

  • Improve access, quality and range of financial services;
  • Risk reduction in the financial sector;
  • Development of sound competition in the financial market;
  • Ensuring the security and reliability of banking processes.
  • Current trends show that the industry continues to develop actively, introducing new opportunities. 

Financial software solutions continue to develop actively from year to year. It revolutionizes the way consumers and businesses conduct financial transactions. The market continues to improve the quality of services and offer new solutions based on the latest technological trends.

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