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The Service of IT Staff Augmentation gained popularity in the last years. That comes as the best solution for an app or short-term software development product for any business. IT Staff Augmentation in Ukraine is the way to develop efficient IT products that will meet all needs of the company, or for proven customer experience. Therefore, You should know the main aspects to follow what you need to hire an IT team for the realization of digital products.

Staff augmentation is the use of outside personnel temporarily to augment the capacity of a business. The businesses leverage staff augmentation in several scenarios. The employees who are hired to develop applications requires special skills of the staff.

IT Employment Solutions to Enhance Your Business Growth

There are three ways out for businesses that need software services. Firstly, hire a programmer to work remotely. However, it is necessary to ensure control by the company and also hired employee should agree to the terms of the company. This method is also based on trust, especially if you hire a private person through a stock platform. The quality and timing of tasks often suffer. In addition to the above, the Manager or facilitator must be in constant contact with the performer.

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Secondly, outsourcing development – is the most spread and well-known solution. Its advantages include a high-qualified dedicated team, a clear structure of labor organization, more trust, a controlled process, etc. However, this service is the most expensive in this case. Besides, outsourcing services are appropriate for large and long-term projects that may also require further support and updates.

This article devoted to IT temporary service that is the third solution. This method has several advantages and meets some of the requirements. It is more flexible and is aimed at implementing projects of medium complexity in a relatively short time.

IT Staff Augmentation Kiev — How Easy Fulfill Your Requirements

The most important thing is to determine what you are trying to accomplish and what is most important. The purpose is the right prioritizing. IT temp agencies and fully-fledged IT companies offer to leverage staff to your project for a period. However, this solution comes with its list of pros and cons.


  • Control. Is the thorough management of constant workers and temporary staff. 
  • Reduce the costs and liabilities of direct employees. 
  • Effective integration with internal processes. An individual can adapt more quickly to the processes than two companies or huge teams. 
  • Short-term need for staff in another area. In this case, the temporary hiring of developers allows you to implement the product that the customer needs here and now. 
  • Reinforce resources. Both internal and external (used by temp staff). 
  • Closing deadlines. Hiring temporary employees as additional staff to complete the project on time. 
  • Specialist expertise. When project team gaps mainly consist of specialized skills, staff augmentation can efficiently fill those gaps. 
  • Internal acceptance. This is a feature of the team's behavior. It is easier for permanent employees to interact with a small team that is temporarily employed by the company than with outsourcing an entire dedicated team. 
  • Reduce the cost of acquiring internal skill development. 
  • Temporary resource requirements. To implement applications and software products that are necessary for the implementation of any company goals, but do not have the necessary human resources



  • Wasted costs for scaled tasks. Some projects may require a high level of contextual, institutional knowledge. Used in these instances, alternative labor transits to lengthy ramp-up times. 
  • Reliance on internal processes. Companies with process flaws are typically not going to enjoy the benefits of staffing solutions.
  • Lack of economies of scale.
  • Management overhead due to the increased need.
  • Not correspond to long term projects (avr. more than half a year).
  • Dependence. There is an increased dependence on third-party organizations for talent which may add some risk to sustainability plans.  

Dedicated Developers Augmentation focused on a single project 100% of work time, in contrast to a project outsourcing team that can manage several projects simultaneously. This business approach delivery model meets requirements, as follow:

  • Maintaining tight control;
  • Integration with complex internal processes;
  • Infusing new skills while still leveraging existing capabilities;
  • Filling project team gaps which mainly consist of specialized skills;
  • Acquiring more resources to complete an active project;
  • Cost-effectively managing IT staffing needs which change frequently;
  • Achieving breakthrough gains in productivity and efficiency;
  • Going beyond core competencies and overcoming lack of internal capabilities;
  • Implementing best practices and guidelines for a project;

IT Resources Ukraine — Experienced PNN Soft in Kiev

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PNN Soft is a qualified company that provides development services of any complexity over 20 years! The IT alternative labor hiring at our company is the key to the success of your project.

Our company can provide not only developers for the implementation of the product but also assist in the management. We have HR/Client Managers that work alongside developers and help eradicate all potential misunderstandings throughout your cooperation.

PNN Soft provides flexible IT resources in Kiev as developers, OA engineers, designers, etc. The range of services under the terms of hiring temporary employees in the IT industry covers the following:

  • Assistance in software development staff augmentation;
  • App development (Android, iOS);
  • Web-site development;
  • Create Presentations;
  • Launch Workshop;
  • Security Testing;
  • Quality Control;
  • Consulting.

Staff augmentation allows a company to sustain its competitive advantage. As this model provides companies with a huge list of benefits like less operational cost, less legal responsibilities, and paperwork, it provides more flexibility. If you want to realize a complex and scaled product, staff augmentation meets your approach. Fill in the form below to hire a team for software development.

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