JavaScript Based Framework AngularJS for Custom Web Applications’ Interfaces Development

Our company offers services to create a custom web application from the scratch based on the latest technologies.

We widely use such technologies as: Java (Java EE), C # (.Net), C ++, as well as the range of IBM, Oracle, Microsoft product line. Our teams of experts are constantly improving their skills, learning new modern technologies and frameworks, such as JavaScript framework AngularJS. AngularJS is MVC-framework (model-view-controller) based on JavaScript provides new advanced features to create sophisticated dynamic interfaces for Web applications through the extension of the HTML dictionary.

The technology provides our teams with the high-quality UI development tool for web applications, that is at the same time effectively reducing the development time.

Our teams use AngularJS framework with JavaScript libraries such as jQuery. In addition, the framework provides testing capabilities inseparable from the development process, so the web apps created on AngularJS are easily tested.

Thus, we offer our customers high-quality software, web applications and other software solutions on demand strictly within the project time limits. If you are interested in custom software development services, please contact us by filling out the contact form below.