What is PWA (Progressive Web App) and how to implement them into business

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The era of native apps, which has been flourishing with the accessibility of smartphones, keeps up encouraging businesses to create solutions for Android/iOS. An alternative to the native app – PWA. It allows businesses to comprise the benefits of native apps with web technology. In this post, we will dwell on what is PWA question and ways to take full advantage of technology precisely for your business sphere. 

Have a close look at PWA’s meaning

It is noteworthy that not all web apps are PWA. Simply put, the solution provides users with critical native features, such as accessing the app offline, push notifications and installing the app on the mobile home screen. A basic Progressive Web App contains encrypted HTTP protocols, a manifest file, one or several service workers and a fast-loading feature. Even with the low quality of the Internet, energy-efficient apps work via Bluetooth. They, therefore, open up maximum opportunities for the Internet of Things, Machine Learning and other cutting-edge technologies.

What are the benefits of a progressive web app?

If limited to one offer, the advantage of PWA is easier development and deployment. Progressive web apps eliminate the risks of content tampering, snooping, and security breaches. At the same time, the technology may be a good investment that operates on various devices and adjusts to different screen sizes. Due to the fact that PWA contains only one single base, it leads to faster deployment and updating. Also, it might save funds at the start of the development process. Custom development of progressive web applications is in demand. The customer gets a solution that has high compatibility with various devices and screens in one project.

The merits of Progressive Web Applications for users: 

Examples of progressive web applications

Progressive Web Apps optimization

Now, being aware of progressive web apps’ meaning, let us briefly consider several success stories of adopting the technology in various business sectors. Hopefully, you will draw some inspiration from the well-known progressive web application examples.  They show the versatility of PWAs cases, as they cater to different industries and user needs while delivering a consistent and engaging user experience.

AliExpress. The goal: achieve a broader audience. The result of PWA implementation: over 104% of conversion rates growth for new visitors. Alongside that, on average, the number of page views has been twice as large. 

Forbes. The goal: to enhance mobile presence. The result of PWA implementation: obtaining 43 per cent more sessions per visitor, increased user engagement level and 20 per cent increase in add viability. 

Twitter Lite. The goal: to reduce the amount of data and gain a more responsive UI. The result of PWA implementation: native app quality of performance with less than 4 per cent of the overall storage space. 

Lancome. The goal: increase mobile conversion rate and encourage visitors to download a native app. The result of PWA implementation: an increase in conversion rates of 17 per cent. Additionally, the number of mobile sessions grew by more than 50 per cent. 

How we develop PWA at PNN Soft: main principles

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  1. Performing actions seamlessly. We aim at prioritizing your Call-To-Action, keeping solutions convenient and intuitively understandable. Therefore, one of the first interactions includes defining your central business goals of digitalization. 
  2. Accentuating the user experience benefits yet avoiding distractions. We use an optimal blend of offline/online features and push notifications without sacrificing the responsiveness of user experience. 
  3. Reducing friction and ensuring the safety of the platform. We offer companies a range of instruments for decreasing friction: adopting one-tap sign-up, autofill, automated sign-in and integrated web payments. At each and every development stage, robust security of vulnerable data is a priority. 

PNN Soft company has more than 20 years of experience in creating programming products. We also created PWAs for various business industries, from e-commerce and retail to finance and banking, healthcare and hospitality. Supported by modern browsers, progressive web apps comprised cutting-edge features, smooth operation and enhanced user experience. If you are thinking of reaping the benefits of the PWA solution, please contact us by filling out the form below. We will attentively consider your request with a focus on your company’s needs, and short- and long-term objectives. 

If you still have questions what is PWA technology, read our articles to dwell into the topic deeper.