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Business automation using IBM WebSphere Process Server and IBM Websphere

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PNN Soft is an experienced custom software developer and enterprise app development company

We provide software solutions development for business processes automating based on the IBM WebSphere Process Server 7.0 and 7.5 and IBM Websphere Lombardi Edition.

IBM WebSphere Process Server and WebSphere Lombardi Edition are two different solutions for managing business processes.

Our specialization includes: 

Both solutions offer a platform for business processes automation and integration with other corporate systems but have a different approaches to implementation

The solution enables customers, users and IT staff to interact with each other. Furthermore, one can use these two tools together for optimal solutions. Our experts believe that to build a business process management software system is very important to choose the right tool. The use of special tools, as well as their combination, allows us to implement the business processes in the most optimal way.

Business Process Management or BPM is the Enterprise approach to optimize business processes to the client’s needs. A business process is a set of tasks or actions necessary for the establishment of enterprise resource management. The typical structure of business processes includes: managing, operating, and maintaining. Automated systems allow continuous monitoring of the growing volume of business processes of daily production activity, even before taking into account the results of the staff.

The modern market is full of various solutions for business process management. There are various suppliers of solutions for business process management (BPM suites), human resource management and workflow (DCM suits), as well as integration. Researching a wide range of automation solutions providers often slows down the process of choosing the optimal solutions; in this case, our company uses the most proven and optimal solution – the IBM product line.

The main feature of the BPM solutions created by our company is their modelling properties, which provide a number of advantages: adaptability (proximity to the objectives and business specific), scalability, independence of technical experts (the ability to maintain and develop your solution independently), which is very important in a changing business.