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Why develop a mobile app for business

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How can the development of a mobile app improve your business?

Mobile application development is gaining more momentum every year because, according to the latest statistics, more than 6,000 applications are published daily on Google PlayIn 2018, more than 1.4 billion smartphones were sold in the world, while at the moment, they are used by 59% of the world’s population. More than half of the people on the planet have chosen a smartphone as a means of communication, Internet access, a source, and means of searching for information. This is due to the compactness and ergonomics of this type of gadget, with functionality almost like a computer. According to the App Annie agencyin 2018, the total income of the mobile applications market amounted to $101 billion, and the average person spent 3 hours a day using mobile applications. The interest of people in this type of gadget as a way of obtaining information and communication with the outside world helps to transform the conduct of business strategies and increase the business efficiency of most companies and corporations.

Top 11 business problems that mobile app development can solve

  1. Stand out among competitors. Each business sector has its own competitors, whether it’s niche industries, such as selling engines for combines or widely used ones, like pizza delivery. In this case, the development of a mobile application can be the criterion for why the client will choose you instead of someone else.
  2. Improve the image of the company. Not every company could afford its own website just ten years ago, but now it is a must for any business. Nowadays, developing a mobile application can be a good impetus for increasing brand awareness and helping show your customers that you are keeping up with the times.
  3. Improve the quality of service. Every year, customers are paying more and more attention to the quality of service that the company provides. After all, the assortment is about the same for everyone, you won’t be surprised at the prices, and customers will return to the company where they liked the service more, even if this option is a little pricier. It is much more convenient to order a taxi through the mobile application, track its location in real-time and pay by credit card than call the operator. Not being able to plan the time before the car arrives and look for where to exchange money if the driver does not have a chance.
  4. Attract new customers. Functional and convenient mobile application customers will advise friends and acquaintances. You can also implement the “Refer a Friend” campaign, in which your current customers can attract new ones, thereby increasing the efficiency of your business, and even get bonuses for this.
  5. Raise loyalty. Through a mobile application, it is very convenient to implement loyalty programs for your customers. In this case, you not only save on the production of plastic cards, which have the peculiarity of constantly being forgotten and lost. You also provide the client with a more convenient solution on a mobile device, which is always with you. Well, it’s no secret that bonuses and discounts trigger repeat purchases, which leads to an increase in business profits.

6. Marketing tools. The mobile application is an indispensable tool for conducting marketing campaigns. Information about new products, discounts, and bestsellers, together with the loyalty system in the client’s smartphone, will help to increase the average check and stimulate additional sales. Moreover, the application allows you to create an individual approach to each client. For example, using the customer’s viewing and buying history or his location, you can only show ads that interest him. This approach is much more effective than conventional methods.

7. Work with your audience. Today, all marketers mention the target audience. The advantage of the mobile application is that it gathers ONLY the target audience. For example, a person sees an advertisement for a hotel reservation application. It suggests downloading it to find temporary housing anywhere in the world. Who really does this? You’re right; only those people who travel or have business trips, i.e. the target audience. Indeed, if a person does not visit abroad and is not interested in this topic, no matter how you try to attract him, he will not install the hotel search application on his smartphone.

8. Increase sales. Raising income is the main goal of every businessman. All marketing tools should facilitate this goal. Such application functionality as the loyalty system and push notifications motivate users to purchase goods or services directly from your company, as well as timely information about discounts and promotional offers. They can be sent in unlimited quantities to all customers or to those who are within a certain radius, e.g., near your store, restaurant, or service point.

9. Feedback. The ability to contact the customer 24/7 gives a significant increase in brand loyalty and recognition. If the clients have the chance to comment on your products or the work of the service as a whole, share this on social networks, and get consultations right in the app. Your business will have an increase in the number of customers, and therefore – an increase in profits. After all, the most honest form of advertising is the feedback of your client.

10. Analytics. Using the data obtained during the interaction of the client with your mobile application, you can conduct a detailed analysis of the behaviour of the target audience. Furthermore, check which marketing methods work and which don’t, which product, and at what time is more in demand, etc. Based on the analysis of this data, you can adjust the program to improve your business strategy.

11. Optimization of business processes. The last, but no less important point in this list is the improvement of internal business processes through the development of enterprise applications. Using a mobile application, you can organize an internal corporate exchange of documentation, track the movement of logistics services, regulate the performance of certain tasks by personnel, increase the efficiency of ERP and CRM systems, etc. It follows that mobile applications can not only increase the efficiency of the company and the corporate portal, automates business processes, but also save financial and human resources.

Custom mobile app development company – PNN Soft

Development of the mobile application will not only help increase the profit of your business and reduce internal costs but also, this step will stimulate the recognition of your brand and increase customer loyalty. To create a mobile application that will help in business growth, you need to choose a reliable IT company. Since 2001, PNN Soft has been providing its services in the development, testing, design, and support of mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms. Clients of our company are business owners around the world. Our professional development team successfully creates comprehensive and multifunctional applications for various business fields, such as auto and transport, banks and finance, healthcare, entertainment, telecommunications, education, and e-commerce. The development of mobile applications in London with our company is a profitable investment in your business and its further support. You can contact PNN Soft experts by phone at (+380) 44 355 30 35 or by filling out the form below.