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Content Management Systems: most sought-after solutions types

cms systems

The choice of an open-source CMS or custom CMS is one of the most important decisions a business can make about its website. Our specialists implement integrated enterprise systems and corporate portal solutions, too. Many custom CMS solutions are available in the current IT landscape, so in today’s post, we will share some top picks for selecting the most suitable CMS solution for your company. Let us begin our digital journey. 

What is a CMS platform: the peculiarities of solutions

cms platform

As you can understand from the decryption of the acronym, CMS is a system aimed at solving the problems of content management, which includes text, photos, videos, etc. It comprises a range of software allowing for creating, modifying and managing content. There are two types, which have some differences in their core.

PNN Soft uses open-source content management systems (CMS), such as Orchard, Umbarco, Sitefinity, and DotNetNuke (DNN) based on .Net, ASP.NET technology. Applying these technologies allows us to develop flexible functional systems according to customer requirements. Interface customisation can be implemented by using templates and various extensions. Our designers work on providing your system with a distinctive feel and look, thereby maintaining brand awareness.  Software engineers strengthen CMS for enterprise with enhanced features, such as slide-in CTAs. Each time when you need to modify the system, the vendor opens files from the server and edits the HTML code. 

How to choose a content management platform: what are the primary criteria?

criteria of cms systems

Using open-source CMS may require specialized knowledge and development experience if you want to get specialized and focused solutions. Therefore, companies can apply for outsourcing the development of customisable CMS. In addition, you can use the services of outsourcing IT commands, which will help to implement technical solutions associated with the use of e-CMS with open code. The second solution is widely used for upscaling tasks. 

It is crucial to discuss with your vendors not only actual development costs but also maintenance-related investments. The monthly costs for various types of CMS vary: standardised SaaS is relatively fixed by cost while using an open-source solution is free. However, it is necessary to invest in website management and maintenance for the latter. 

Various content options and quantity matter when deciding on CMS systems for websites. In the era of highly accessible content and constant digital upgrades, a system enabling immediate content modification is a must. Another aspect requiring specific attention is the multilingualism of your platform: therefore, all the international stakeholders may work seamlessly in tandem. 

Reliable CMS systems by the PNN Tech experts

developers team

You need a CMS that allows you to easily create and edit content on your website. PNN Soft has 20 years of experience and realised numerous solutions with ERP, CRM and CMS integration.

Customised CMS options developed by our specialists provide a variety of optimisers for users’ management, including:

If you are interested in enterprise CMS platforms development, please, order services by filling out the form on the contact page.