The role and tasks of a Product Manager in an IT company. How to hire a high-class product manager


For effective business development in a highly competitive environment, companies should create a reliable product management system. Companies form product management teams to deliver products in compliance with the requirements of the market. They ensure the achievement of common corporate goals at each stage of product development.

It raises issues of who is the Product  Manager, and what is the role and responsibilities? To find the answer and make it clear, you should further explore this topic. In this article, we will talk about the product manager and the job descriptions in the IT segment. 

Who is Product Management in IT? And what does he do?

A Product Manager - is a person who is accountable for planning and executing a product throughout all stages of development. He is present at all stages of product creation and is the link between all teams. Also, the Product Manager must understand the technical aspects of the product, the strategy of future promotion, and the stages of its testing

The responsibilities of the Product Manager include:

  • development of new products in the project;
  • collecting and prioritizing requirements for the product and customers;
  • analysis of competitors and market environment;
  • defining the product vision;
  • working closely with engineers, sales, and marketing departments;
  • price characteristics;
  • target audience;
  • readiness to enter the market;
  • supporting the achievement of revenue goals and customer satisfaction.

For example, the team starts discussing tasks after the customer offers a product idea. At the stage of clarifying the functions and future goals, the Product manager understands the market and the audience, and together with the marketing team proceeds to further analysis. The decisions made by the product manager contribute to the creation of a business plan and a technical task. Thus, the responsibilities of the product manager cover cooperation with the development team. In addition, the product manager is obliged to ensure that the software or application meets the business aim, the technical task, and the idea.

Summarizing the above, we come to the formulation that the Product Manager contributes to his team to deliver the right product to their users. The customer needs the services of a product manager as long as the product is alive, exists on the market, and functions. This is one of the most popular professions in marketing today. 

The main goal of the product manager is to bring the product to the market. Which, in turn, will meet the needs of consumers. He takes a strategic position, since he creates products, increasing the sales volume and revenue of the company. Therefore, the qualification of a product manager should be high to assess risks in advance and think about their reduction.

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The main tasks that the Product Manager performs

The tasks may vary depending on the business area or the market in which the product is being created. The Product Manager can use different approaches in the development stages. Let's clarify the main stages of the Product Manager's work process.

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What skills should a professional Product Manager have and how to hire him?

  • Strategic vision. The ability to present a product in advance is a valuable skill for a Product Manager. He should assess risks in advance, notice trends, determine the sequence of actions, and set priorities. 
  • Agile Project Management. Knowledge of Agile methodology is necessary since most of the work is going with cross-functional teams. Understanding the Agile philosophy makes it possible to react quickly enough to changes in the market and marketing.
  • Time management. This skill allows you to effectively plan and distribute tasks. A product manager needs to have a general understanding of how to solve situations. 
  • Launch of new products. It is the ability to guide the product through the stages of development. Also, master the methods of testing, consumer research, and know the tools of product promotion. Depending on this, adjust the actions of cross-functional teams to work with the product.
  • Financial knowledge. Financial literacy is one of the most relevant skills for a leading specialist. The product manager should understand the base of financial statements and ensure the financial stability of projects.

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More efficiency and effectiveness with leading specialists Product Manager

A product manager is necessary for bringing products to the market. In most large companies, such a position is the norm for organizing work. As discussed above, the role of product managers is the driving force behind the successful completion of the product cycle. Starting from conducting marketing research, identifying potential products, and defining specifications, strategies, the product manager is responsible. You should hire a Product Manager to guide the company on a competitive path in the future. Product management will lead the team to success. 

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