MACH architecture: a new approach for boosting e-commerce sales

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In today’s world, digital fluency is a vital part of e-commerce development. So if you want to provide your clients with a seamless shopping experience on any device, up-to-date technology is just what you need. And now imagine that you can combine 4 efficient strategies based on one platform. That’s the key to becoming more customer-centric, future-proof, and agile. 

Are you eager to find out more about this tool? Let’s dive into learning how your business will benefit from the MACH solution! To start with, the acronym MACH stands for Microservices, API-firstCloud-native, and Headless.

And here is a short explanation of each component.

These four elements allow companies to select the best instruments for e-commerce software and build a structure that can be easily added or replaced. Also, MACH architecture helps to accelerate time-to-market without compromising product quality.

Five benefits of MACH architect

  1. Achieving better speed and less risk. With the help of the tech, your company can draw up prototypes, explain the main concepts, and then invest in bigger projects. Prototyping is also useful for those who want to avoid exhausting RFP processes, save funds and nerves. 
  2. Elaborating your own roadmap. You can replace all setup instruments with more advanced API-connectable apps. As a result, your business won’t depend on tech giants’ roadmaps. By moving at your own pace you get a chance to increase market value promptly and prevent various setbacks.
  3. Making the transition to future-proof tech. The MACH standard enhances retail software solutions’ flexibility, which helps respond to the newest technological demands.  In addition, customers can connect with another MACH supplier, if they want to substitute some elements of the set-up or use a self-built feature only. There’s no need for changing the set-up base.  
  4. Paying for the functions you use. The subscription model usually requires large fees from 10 to 30%. That’s one of the primary reasons for the growing popularity of the cloud. More and more companies have been moving to a serverless model, where the vendors are responsible for building a reliable and secure infrastructure. Plus, with the MACH architect, you don’t have to worry about peak load and poor infrastructure maintenance as well.
  5. Getting seamless updates. The risk in updating is relatively high if enterprises implement a few tools to satisfy their business needs. Sometimes resources that operate for months aren’t efficient enough to improve user experience. Moreover, using new features takes time in case you haven’t upgraded to the next version yet. And only automatic and constant upgrades provide your customer with cutting edge functionality as quickly as possible. 

Areas that need clarification 

Let’s dwell on factors, worth considering when it comes to MACH system development. 

1. True microservices 

Can you fulfill phased roll-outs?

Financial IT system development is only the beginning of a successful digital transformation. You should be able to scale and upgrade your services every now and then without risking the whole web-product.  MVPs and light prototypes offer an iterative method of implementation, remaining the essential parts of the working process.

2. Api-first, created with APIs from the ground up

That kind of solution gives clients more safety and complete control of the whole platform.

Can you gain access to documentation?

A sizable and easy to reach knowledge repository with high-quality technical documentation and a turn-based demo of the system’s features are a must.

How do the integrations finish?

If your company needs to develop an online payment service, select APIs, and webhooks for interaction between different platforms. As a rule, pre-built integrations or connectors are easily accessible to that type of techs.

3. Cloud-native with huge scaling feature

Are updates constant and applied automatically?

Updates and upgrades have to be delivered continuously, without fees, downtime, or user efforts. Another highlight is the infrastructure and functions enhancement.

4. Headless without front-end interface

If you strive to obtain the UI faster, you can search for pre-built patterns and interfaces, and exploit them. 

Is it possible to create the UI flexibly?

As we’ve already mentioned, headless tech doesn’t need a front-end interface. For instance, the team of experts can implement any tech stack during financial IT system development. The same applies to the front-end framework and programming language. 

Numerous market trendsetters, such as Amason have set the bar pretty high in terms of interface, online payments, and product delivery. According to data, an intuitive and convenient UI has a special role to play. Kroger, for example, boosted its e-commerce sales by 58% within a year only. All because the company invested in digital customer experience and it paid off. Meanwhile, the in-store sales improved by 1,8%. 

Nowadays, when mobile shopping breaks any possible record, it’s time to reinforce your company’s web products. 

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