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In times of rapidly developing modernity, there are new demands for the creation of new solutions. The e-commerce market in the world is introducing new tools that contribute to increasing efficiency and reliability. Today, the marketplace platform development is expanding its bounder as a service. Marketplaces cooperate with major companies and small shops. In this article, we will talk about marketplace platforms and consider their features. We will not ignore the advantages of their solutions, either.

What is the marketplace?

The digital marketplace is an online platform where online stores of various entrepreneurs and their products/services are represented. Consider the following example. There can be an online store or a physical point-store as a seller on a digital marketplace. The platform has a number of advantages for sellers who placed their products there. Creating such electronic trading platforms requires a lot of effort, investment, and a clear marketing plan. But, the marketplace is the best solution for most businessmen, as it provides several opportunities and advantages at the start of a business, which we will mention below. 

In most cases, marketplaces do not form orders and do not deliver the goods to the buyer. They are responsible for supporting marketing issues and ensuring traffic. Usability and analytics are also in their field of responsibility. As a rule, they facilitate the search for goods and services and also contribute to increasing sales. Online Marketplace solutions simultaneously cover dozens of needs of sellers and consumers simultaneously. The consumer has the opportunity to compare offers, read reviews, and order the most profitable option with delivery to home or pick-up point. The seller receives a platform that will put the goods into the top ranking due to its rating, SEO tips and product sales control. The platform is responsible for the service. 

Since the marketplace platform acts as an intermediary, its task is to protect the interests of both parties. The platform administration reserves the right to banish not honest users. 

What are the opportunities offered by marketplace solutions?

A consumer who is looking for a product online and wants to find the desired product quickly and at the lowest price, moving from one store to another, takes time. Some stores the consumer is not ready to trust because of the small number of reviews or the novelty of the entrepreneur on the market. Increasingly, consumers are looking for products in marketplaces.

Larger market companies start the process of creating marketplaces. The establishment of such electronic trading platforms requires sound financial and promotional planning. In the process of developing a marketing platform, it is difficult to single out a key element. The technical design of a digital product affects how long the seller and consumer will stay on your platform, and how active they will be. The second question concerns the PR department and marketing strategy. Foremost, it is necessary to attract the seller. Then, by joint efforts to inform the buyer about the possibilities of buying on the platform the goods he needs. Therefore, there is a third party to the project whose needs should be covered by the platform – its administration and moderators.

Thus, the key to success lies at the start – is a proof of concept in software development. About this, PNN Soft wrote on a blog earlier. 

The main steps in creating this solution:

Features of the marketplace model

To create a website for a trading platform such as Amazon, eBay, or Rozetka, you need to consider the necessary action plan. From choosing a developer company and introducing the first vendors to the platform, to supporting a web portal online marketplace. To create a web platform such as Amazon, eBay or Rozetka, you need to think through the necessary action plan. From the choice of the developer company and the introduction of the first vendors to the platform, to the support of the web portal online marketplace. Also, be attentive to the following issues, too.

Choice of a domain name. There are several ways to get a domain name. You can buy an old domain or create a new domain. The old domain name has history and rating, and therefore the search engine is familiar with it. However, this domain has not been in that issue for a long time, and the drastic change of activities also affects the position of the site in the future. If you use a new domain name, you need to build a high level of trust with the search robot. All this will help SEO professionals and developers to deal with.

Web hosting account. Web hosting is a service that stores websites or web applications, which makes it easier to access them. Its providers maintain, configure, and run physical servers that can be rented to store files. Technical experts will help with the grammatical choice of hosting service. The decision can significantly influence the success of your internet project in the future. 

SSL Certificate – to secure payments. This is a digital certificate certifying the authenticity of the website. It allows you to use an encrypted connection.

CMS – Content management system. Selecting the right platform for an online store can save you from unnecessary problems in sales and automate your business, as well as to add some new issues.  CMS is a software that allows you to create, modify, add content for your website. It should work properly with hundreds of stores connected to your marketplace,

Payment Solutions. Make sure your software supports the payment and shipping methods you will use in your market. Provide buyers and sellers with several popular payment methods. Provide support for bank cards of different systems and electronic banks. Consider the regional features of the markets your platform covers.

What are the advantages of the marketplace?

To date, the popularity of this industry is gaining more success. The application development marketplace continues to grow, which leads to the emergence of new applications. There are a lot of competitors in this niche, and if you are determined to enter it, you need a quality product that effectively solves the specific needs of your target audience.