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ETL systems for data integration and synchronization with Talend Open Studio

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PNN Soft is engaged in custom software development and enterprise-level applications using modern technologies

While implementing projects of systems integration and synchronization, for example, in banking, our professionals apply ETL class systems. ETL – is a tool for storage filling.

ETL (Extract-transform-load) is the process data of extracting, transforming and loading. While ETL system processing, the data from different sources (XML, web services, websites, databases) are accumulated, transformed and loaded into the data warehouses for further processing, analysis and statistics. While creating enterprise solutions, our company is developing various ETL tools and components for data integration, for example, in the Talend Open Studio for the ESB environment.

These solutions provide:

During software development, we use advanced technologies, such as Java (Java EE), C# (.Net), C++, Databases: Oracle, MS SQL, as well as Microsoft, IBM, and Oracle products.

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