Automated applications testing at software development, BDD

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Behaviour Driven Development (BDD), Test Drive Development (TDD)

Modern technologies, software development methodologies, including development with Behavior Driven Development (BDD), Test Driven Development (TDD) and other technologies, help our specialists in creating custom high-quality software.

BDD is a variation of test-driven development (TDD), which allows to create of higher quality software and develop test cases for applications testing in accordance with customer requirements. BDD methodology main focus is on the user’s history, business logic construction, and tests based on this history. Our programmers consider this approach is the most universal. We are using BDD in determining the acceptability criteria (acceptance criteria) while discussing the project with the clients.

Development Tools

One of the tools we use in the automated testing of our systems is SpecFlow. This tool integrates with Visual Studio and allows to define of users’ history (user scenarios) using simple rules. Then it partially automates the creation and implementation of the methods to ensure the adherence to the history rules.

A comprehensive and modern approach for the implementation of custom software development projects in our company allows us to create complex systems and applications with high quality in the short term.

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