Automation of the Money Transfers by PNN company

PNN Soft Company has provided highly qualified specialists for developing single automated payment system for one the leading banks of Ukraine.

This system is a single access hole to various payment systems and provides a single interface to work with these systems – to receive the payment, payment transfer and cash outlay. Payment System is a Service for payment, accepting payments online, bank transfers, etc.

Different payment systems offer a variety of Web-based applications, interfaces for integration (interaction). Often, these interfaces differ dramatically.

During this project PNN Company has implemented following tasks:

  • Integrating automated system with international payment systems.
  • Integration with core banking system for the integrated automation of the banking activities that automate a wide range of business processes and financial instruments of the enterprise.
  • Integration with a single client registry, which centrally maintained data for all clients. 

Technical features of the project:

  • Server Platform: IBM WebSphere Process Server 7.0, IBM WebSphere Portal Server 7.0, Linux Red Hat Enterprise 5
  • Target browsers: IE 7.0, IE 8.0, IE 9.0
  • GUI framework: JSP, JSF, Portlets, Ajax
  • Databases: Oracle SQL Server Data Access: JDBC

Management and resources:

  • Timeline: 1.0 (8 months), 2.0 (4 months), version 3.0 (2 months)
  • Resources: 1 Manager, 1 Analyst, 1 Analyst, 3 Developers, 2 Testers
  • Development Methodology: adapted RUP