Benefits of the PNN Soft customer management approach

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One of the key steps in the delivery of excellent products and services is managing client relations and needs. Communication with a client is a very complex process affecting all project phases from initiation to the release and support. PNN is managing these communications based on a well-defined and optimized process. 

PNN’s “Client Management” process is compliant to the ISO 9001 standards. (PNN is ISO 9001 certified company from 2009). This brings many benefits to customers including cost savings, better quality and improved customer management.

The customer management benefits are the most “visible” and most valuable to a client during client – provider relationships. Major achievements in this area which PNN is proud to emphasize are listed below.

1. High level of customer satisfaction (>4 from 5) is a result of:

a) Excellent and balanced communications with customers;

b) Timely resolutions of requests and issues;

c) Fixed for a project technical and management contacts.

2. Reduced (by 10%) overheads without compromising on quality due to:

a) Selection of an appropriate project lifecycle;

b) Scalable custom software development and support process depending on the project size and customer requirements;

c) State of the art configuration and change management.

3. Highest level of expertise at a reasonable cost is achieved thanks to:

a) Flexible team composition based on the current needs of a project. This does not compromise quality due to the strict guidelines defined in the PNN ISO process;

b) Large pool of experienced management and technical staff.