Business Processes Automation with PortalBase Software Platform


Automation business processes with PortalBase software platform

Let’s talk about systems of automation ERP and CRM. ERP (Enterprise resource planning) integrates internal and external management information across an entire organization. It includes embracing finance/accounting, manufacturing, sales and service, customer relationship management, etc. Its purpose is to facilitate the flow of information between all business functions inside the boundaries of the organization and manage the connections to outside stakeholders. 

We develop ERP in accordance with your business processes. So in the end, all the business processes are automated.

Using ERP gives management transparency.

Analytics, transparency and planning with the help of ERP will lead your company to leadership.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) – is a program for managing and accounting information to work and interact with customers.

The main goal of using CRM systems is to enhance the quality of customer service by automating routine processes.

CRM helps collecting and storing information related to clients: communicational cases, purchase and service orders, related events, etc. That leads ultimately to business processes improvement and prosper of your business.

Benefits of system automation: 

  • a common sheared system for management;
  • stuff access to system which is easy to control by the stuff managers;
  • an intuitive user interface;
  • accounting of processes and information flows;
  • standard types of documents supporting, works with the software package Microsoft Office;
  • integration with mail services;
  • ability to integrate system with a third-party programs, domestic programs, customer and external programs;
  • tools of reporting, analysis and planning; 

Automation itself is developed in accordance with the company's business processes.  PNN Soft develops business processes automation on our own software platform - PortalBase.



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