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Business Processes Optimization of Using IBM ILOG Software

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PNN Soft is a business partner of IBM

We develop software development using modern and reliable IBM technology.

Our company offers services to optimize business processes using IBM ILOG product line. 

This product is an automated system for decision-making, a set of tools, technologies, and services aimed at providing more effective assistance to our clients in the management of business processes. 

We develop business solutions for companies in various fields of activity: 

The developers of our company optimize business processes of any complexity using IBM ILOG, it gives our client the opportunity to analyze, plan, track and improve business processes and manage business decisions. 

Currently, we offer four main solutions for business process optimization based on IBM ILOG: 

Optimization of business processes is carried out in several stages: 

Analysis of existing business processes, identifying inefficient, suboptimal processes, analysis of the company’s strategy, the analysis of a system of indicators, analysis of control systems.→New business processes development.→Implementation: Implementation of the newly developed business processes.→Support.

If you are interested in our services for software development and business decisions optimization for your company, please contact us using the feedback form below.