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QA solution based on Mockito and JUnit for custom Java apps development

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The platform allows conducting all testing types seamlessly

PNN Soft Company offers services of a dedicated development team organizing, which includes software architects, analysts, developers and testers to implement custom software development projects of any complexity.

In addition, we carry out software code quality assurance. We use major modern automated testing tools for Java code of business application testing. One of the tools used by our experts for testing is the Mockito framework. While testing implementation using this framework for the best effect, our QA specialists also use the JUnit library for unit testing.

Using the Mockito framework, all kinds of testing might be done, as one can easily create mock objects (stubs), modules, perform validation, etc. In conjunction with the JUnit library, this application allows unit testing. 

Our services cover the full range of activities from requirements definition, evaluation of the terms and cost of the project as well as finished product transfer to the customer. Also, if the project requires, we train the staff of the client company that works with software systems. 

According to the project requirements, while software development, we use modern technologies: Java (Java EE), C# (.Net), C++, and we are working with the products IBM, Oracle, Microsoft. In the process of software development using Java, we carry out various types of testing – quality assurance of the parts or a set of the software program to meet the requirements of the customer. 

The use of modern and proven technologies, as well as our many years of experience with our specialists, allow us to provide our customers with quality functional software fully. If you are interested in software development or testing of your software, contact us about your project by filling out the contact form below.