CMS System Development of Interactive Online Questionnaires Creation


Questionnaire Online Project Overview

Plug-ins of the Questionnaire Content management system (CMS) to generate questionnaires in the form of internet/intranet online applications. Content Builder generates customizable questionnaire content with skinable layout, color scheme and visual objects. The generated questionnaire content contains html, javascript and media files.  These files could be published on a web server; internet/intranet users will remotely launch and play this published online questionnaire using an internet browser.

Technical features:

Target server platform:

The Content Builder generates the desired game content as html pages, java scripts and media files. These files could be published on an web server (e.g. IIS, Apache).

Target client browsers:

IE 6.0.

Data sources:

XML files and binary files.

Atelier GUI plg-in:

MFC (C++).

Transformation technology:  


GUI features:

DHTML, CSS, AJAX and Flash.

Localization resources:

XML files.

Business-logic features: 

  • Design Builder generates skinable questionnaire as internet/intranet online application.
  • Supported range of customizable questionnaire types.
  • Questionnaire main options: time limited game, show media resources, full-screen mode and show correct answers on questions.
  • Questionnaire main content features: rank of questionnaire topics; skinable layout, color scheme and visual objects.

Managements and resources:

  • Time line: May 2006 - October 2006 
  • Resources: 1 Manager, 5 Developers and 2 testers 
  • Development methodology: Agile Scrum

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