Complex Cross-platform Applications by PNN Soft Company Based on Amazon Web Services

Dedicated teams of software engineers at our company are engaged in software development projects of complex cross-platform applications using custom infrastructure platforms AWS (Amazon Web Services), as well as cloud-based products Amazon: S3, SES, SNS.

Teams successfully implement custom web-based systems and web-based applications using AWS development environment.

We have completed following projects based on this technology:

  • Web-based systems for handling online tickets to various events (concerts, parties, meetings, conferences, etc.)
  • Web services for e-mails distribution and user notification
  • Push-notifications implementation at the Android, iOS mobile applications
  • Many other web applications in accordance with the customer requirements

Our specialists have chosen cloud service Amazon S3 as data warehouse. To implement e-mail distribution and user notification functionality, our sposhialists integrated Amazon Simple Email Service (SES).

Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) provided a tool for push-notification implementation at Android mobile application. In addition, our UI developers implemented user-friendly interface, statistics functionality, and functionality for generation and printing of data, data recovery, etc.

In addition, in accordance with the customer requirements, our specialists implement the system of online payments processing (e.g. Stripe payment system), as well as various external API integration to extend the functionality.

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