Corporate Solutions with IBM FileNet Content Manager


As a partner of IBM Company PNN Soft propose custom solutions for business processes automation software

PNN Soft Company develops services on working with the system IBM FileNet Content Manager.

Moreover, the company implements visual modules for access to the repository; and performs the integration of IBM FileNet Content Manager system in own corporate solutions. PNN Soft solutions with IBM FileNet Content Manager can help organizations manage complex documents and control, share and quickly access virtually any form of content in a security-rich and highly scalable environment.

It activates critical business content to deliver the right information when it matters most.

FileNet Content Manager's secure and highly scalable environment integrates directly with desktop and business applications so business users can easily collaborate on the creation and management of content.

 Benefits of IBM FileNet Content Manager:

  • Processing work faster while significantly reducing processing costs.
  • Improving productivity by drastically reducing the time spent looking for information.
  • Reducing the costs associated with managing and accessing all forms of content.
  • Reacting immediately to customer demands by automating processes triggered by content-centric business and customer events.
  • Facilitating regulatory compliance, resulting in improved risk management

Key features of FileNet Content Manager:

  • Fourth-generation object model
  • Active content
  • Scalability
  • Advanced document management capabilities
  • Full lifecycle management
  • Unified repository and metadata model

PNN Soft Company specializes on IBM FileNet Content Manager solutions, which are developed with Java EE, .Net technologies.

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