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Creating an enterprise service bus with IBM WebSphere ESB

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“ESB is a basis for integration. It provides a flexible and customizable environment that allows one to implement integration projects productively, successfully and consistently”, – the vice-president of the Integration Consortium Steve Creggs.

PNN Soft is a partner of IBM.

PNN Soft performs the integration of diverse internal and external corporate servers.

PNN Soft makes integration for businesses and financial institutions. We integrate services with IBM WebSphere ESB platform.

Features ESB platform:

This technology allows not only to integrate all services into a single system but also to develop new services effectively.

An integration with IBM WebSphere ESB also enables to connect up with brand-new custom software systems, depending on the actual business requirements.

PNN Soft offers solutions for service integration with the platform IBM WebSphere ESB, using the technology of J2EE.

PNN Soft develops software with J2EE and has extensive experience in developing custom solutions and integration solutions in various business fields.