Custom Interactive Promotion Application Development to Promote Products of the Trading Company

PNN Soft company developers have implemented Interactive promotion application on demand.

This custom iPad application with simple promotional game is designed for attracting customers' attention to the new product line. Application allows multiple simultaneous video streams on the page, static, animation and transition effects for media presentation, sound effects. Program calculates user’s biorhythms and selects present according to the current biorhythms state. 

Target platform:iOS 3.x, 4.x
Programming languages: Objective C
Data sources:embedded SQLite
Business-logic features:
  • Multiple interactive cards with looped video
  • Cards transformations, association with one of the advertised products
  • Biorhythms calculation, association with one of the advertised products

Managements and resources: 

  • Time line (versions 1.0): January 2011
  • Resources: 1 Developer and 1 Tester 
  • Development methodology: Agile