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Customer software systems for promo-offers at advertising agencies

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PNN Soft company’s specialists create optimal software solutions advertising agencies and marketing companies

One of the latest solutions successfully implemented by our experts on demand for advertising campaigns and analytical data accumulation is a system that allows automatic delivery of promotional e-mails containing animated information along with the questions and choices for consumers. All the results of a survey and user activities are accumulated in the system.

After that, based on the results, accurate statistics and analytical reports are being built. As a result of the survey the users receive special gifts and bonuses, and the company gets extended statistics on consumers’ preferences.

In addition, we have experience in implementation:

While creating innovative solutions, we choose the most suitable for the project, advanced technologies: .Net, Entity Framework, MVC, HTML 5, WCF, Ajax and many others.

Please, contact us for more information and to order the service by filling the form on the Contact page.