Data Mining and Visualization System Development on Demand (2D, 3D graphics, Pivot Tables)


Polyvista Project Overview

Client-server standalone custom software solution provides industry standard OLAP engine to accessing multidimensional OLAP data, sophisticated 2D/3D charts and graphs visualization, pivot tables data presentation and reporting.  Various components are responsible for data presentation and automation of OLAP data mining and data discovery. Flexible reporting engine allows preparing reports. 

Technical features:

Target platform: 

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003 Server


Microsoft C++ (MFC, ATL, WTL).

Data sources:

Microsoft OLAP server, Oracle OLAP OLE DB, MDX query, ADO.

GUI features:

COM/DCOM components, RPC, TCP/IP, XML.

Business-logic features:

  • Complete OLAP support system;
  • Modular approach to the software design;
  • Custom multidimensional cube data engineering;
  • Simple and intuitive data access;
  • Data visualization – vivid understandable data representation (2D, 3D charts, pivot tables);
  • Data mining – automatic detection of internal data correlation and irregularities.

 Managements and resources:

  • Duration: April 1998 - February 2003 
  • Resources: 6 Developers 
  • Development methodology: adopted RUP
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