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DDT for implementation of transnational, cross-marketing solutions

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We arrange dedicated teams for integrated enterprise systems development

It possesses high flexibility and resiliency, with the support of multilingual content with the purpose of being used by a large number of users from different continents.

We create applications for both online work and to support the internal activities of the company. In addition, we have extensive experience in the integration of systems developed by us for the customer’s individual business needs with existing enterprise third-party systems. Our main goal – is to provide the customer with the necessary software products that optimize and automate his business.

In the development of software solutions for customers, our company pays special attention to the choice of technology so that we use the best and proven technologies, such as:

Often, customers need to ensure the operation of the system on the scale of many countries for a large number of users, so we take into account the features of such systems and deliver customers the solution with content support in multiple languages, currencies, etc.

We offer the development of front-end and back-end systems. Besides, the PNN team is often involved in the creation of architectural design, selection and application of engineering practices.

If you are interested in the development of programs for users from different countries – we are ready to solve your problem. Describe your project by filling in the feedback form below.