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Dedicated Software Development Teams

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PNN Soft Company offers full-time dedicated software development teams (DDC, DDT) or offshore development centers on the long term basis to its clients

This type of service provides deep integration of IT-professionals into the business processes of the customer and provides the efficient running of the project, as the team will develop only customer projects, workflow process of the team will be the most transparent and tailored to customer’s business processes and requirements.

Features of dedicated software development teams service:

We’ll give you a team of experts, based on your requirements and wishes of the members of the team. In the selected development team may include qualified programmers, analysts and managers. The team is working remotely, as a department of the client by providing its expertise and knowledge exclusively to one customer concert’s standards, requirements and guidelines. All the developers at the dedicated team involved in the client’s project are reporting directly to the customer, follow his instructions according to the timeframes and thus provide uninterrupted workflow. Team and the duration of the contract are set according to customer needs.

The benefits of the dedicated development team from PNN Soft company:  

Our company provides dedicated software development teams according to the client’s needs. We take care of all the operational issues such as human resources management, IT infrastructure, administrative and legal support.

Dedicated development center is the best option for the clients who want to have the maximum day-to-day control over development team and have immediate availability of the team for any ongoing tasks. PNN Soft team is able to cope with the tasks of any complexity.