Development of integrated solutions using IBM WebSphere Message Broker


PNN Soft offers custom software development services.

We provide solutions of any complexity for enhanced integration within your business, also perform functions for working with data, helping to avoid additional investment in the future. To create integrated solutions, we use IBM WebSphere Message Broker. 

Our experienced developers create integration solutions based on IBM WebSphere Message Broker, which spread in real-time information and data generated as a result of business processes among people, applications and devices across the enterprise and beyond. 

Our developed solutions perform the following tasks: 

  • implement an effective approach to service-oriented architecture and allows you to expand the scope of business activities beyond the firewall with the support of a variety of transport protocols and data formats; 
  • integrate a variety of applications, networks and device types using the platform-independent enterprise service data channel, which allows conducting business safely and securely; 
  • improve the distribution of information flows in the organization due to the transition from hard-coded two-point links to more flexible mechanisms of distribution, such as publish/subscribe and multicast; 
  • use a simple programming model for communication and preprocessing, including a robust set of pre-configured functions preprocessing methods and customize preprocessing; 
  • use the industry's best infrastructure WebSphere MQ messaging and supports conversion capabilities with the graphical display, Java, ESQL, XSLi WebSphere Transformation Extender; 
  • extensive administration and systems management solutions designed for. 

If you are interested in the service of creating integration solutions using IBM WebSphere Message Broker, contact us via the contacts.


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