E-Learning Web Applications Development for Online Education, Training and Testing the Sales Assistants of Trading Companies


Our specialists have extensive experience in creating custom software aimed to automate processes of familiarization, training and testing of employees, sales representatives and personnel for the large commercial and retail companies.

One of the custom services offered by our company is E-Learning web applications development for informing, instruction, training and testing the sales consultants. We create web applications that allow users access the educational materials in a convenient way through an internet web browser, representation of the materials in user-friendly graphic design, as well as online tests at the end of acquaintance with the materials.

This is a particularly effective tool for trading companies because the customer receives a flexible tool for instructing a large number of sales assistants, introducing them into the workflow, familiarization with the company’s history, activities, structure, products and innovations, learning how to behave with the customers.

Web applications include the following features:

  • users authentication in the web application
  • online access to the materials
  • interactive presentational materials (animations, slide effects, drag and drop effect, etc.)
  • choice-tests online
  • scoring on the test results, saving the results in database, results evaluation
  • other functionality on demand

For the web application development we select the most suitable for the project modern technologies: .Net, Java, HTML 5, Ajax, Flash and others. Please, contact us for more information and to order the service by filling the form on the Contact page.


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