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Enterprise solutions development to work with Oracle, MS SQL

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Custom software development services for Enterprise Solutions Development 

PNN Soft Company’s software engineers have good knowledge of modern technologies and experience in the implementation of complex software systems and applications to automate business processes of various industries. 
While developing enterprise-level software solutions for maintaining Oracle, MS SQL, MySQLdatabases and data warehouses on Java EE (Java), our experts use secure and tested technologies, including Hibernate, Liquibase, JPA technologies.

Also, we offer IT services using other databases and database management systems, such as Sybase, PostgreSQL, OLAP, MS Access. Furthermore, in our practice we use a variety of database management systems, such as H2 – open cross-platform database engine written entirely in Java; and Java frameworks, for example, DbUnit – open source framework (JUnit extension), which helps with addressing issues such as filling databases, tables, comparison tables and data sets with the database. 

All these modern and proven solutions allow our specialists to implement complex enterprise solutions qualitatively observing deadlines and requirements.