Implementing the Special Smartphone Application for Parental Control Over a Child


The new IT-solution for smartphones is being developed by our company's specialists will track of such phrases and promptly inform the customer service – usually it’s a parent

The same system will track the speed of the phone, it’s location - and thus the child.  Alert phrases like “Are You home alone?” now can be tracked in the SMS messages and phone calls with our smartphone application. These words   among others are the one that wise parents teach their children not to answer. Such phrases, as statistics shows, can be a beginning of the kidnapping. 

  The smartphone application checks:

  • what applications are installed on the phone in order to protect the child from the aggressive "current trends";
  • browser history, checking what sites the child visited;
  • availability of phrases about alcohol and drugs. In case warning phrases appear – notify a client about the danger.

Such IT solutions for smartphones and other software can be developed and are developed by the company PNN Soft.


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