Interactive Software Solutions Development for Advertisement: AdverGames


PNN Soft company offers customer software development services for the various industries, including advertising, marketing and communications with customers to promote products and services, social advertising, brand advertising etc.

Such advertising is especially effective for producers of goods and services for a wide range of consumers.

The advertising industry has embraced this trend and 100’s of companies are now using advergames to promote their brands to consumers worldwide. The list includes many of the world’s largest brand companies promoting products like cars, soft drinks, snacks, and consumer goods. Foundations and organizations are now making advergames to promote their messages and market their services.

Depending on the requirements and specifics of the customer, our experts create promotional software like:

  • Interactive marketing materials
  • Promotional offers
  • Advertising and market research surveys
  • Promotional advergames and quizzes
  • Promotional web-applications
  • Questionnaires for promo offers among users
  • Drawing lotteries
  • Interactive advergames to promote the company's products

Systems allow usage of the motion pictures and media files (video, audio) to create a custom design, in line with the company’s corporate style as well as automatic newsletter of advertisement materials, storage and account of the results of the promotional offers, charging bonuses and discounts. Advergames and quizzes are casual in nature, free to everyone, fun to play, and available to anyone worldwide that has access to the Internet. In addition to PC’s and laptops, mobile devices like smart phones, tablets, and pads are being used to surf the Internet with increasing interest from users being placed on casual gaming entertainment

Our company offers a ready-made software solutions for promotion and advertisement as well as customer software solutions development. Please, contact us for more information and to order the service by filling the form on the Contacts page. 


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