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PNN Soft Company offers complex Internet solutions and systems creation services for domestic and foreign customers

Currently developers of our company are involved in creation of online auction, which allows users from any part of the world buy and sell various multimedia products without intermediary trade network or store in real time.

Our company's specialists have an opportunity to demonstrate their skills in creating a competent system that guarantees auction success. Development of the online auction web site requires high professionalism of the developers who should not only consider the website design, but also provide technical content of the project.

Modern auctions are of variety scales calculated by private, municipal, and national levels. Auctions are the most profitable form of relationship between the sellers and buyers. In addition, it is more preferable trade relations on the Internet. Online auctions are very popular, as the seller can put up a particular product for sale, and the buyer puts its nominal price, which he considers to be actual.

Auction is itself a trade on the Internet, that allows to buy and sell particular type of goods profitably. In major countries auctions have become a real way to save money and get exactly necessary thing at the best suitable price for buyer and seller.

Following technologies were used by our specialists to manage the project:


  • .NET framework 4.0
  • EntityFramework 5.0
  • Web framework - MVC3
  • Razor as View engine
  • Web application is hosted on Azure

For full-text search we can use Lucenet .Net. We can use special Azure Library for Lucene.NET. This library allows to expose blob storage as a Lucene.NET.Store.Directory object, which Lucene.NET uses as persistent storage for its catalog.


Timeline: development in the process, estimations: 3 months.

Resources: 1 analyst, 2 developers, external testing.


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